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The God Not Guns Coalition seeks to raise awareness of gun violence as a spiritual and moral crisis. We call on every congregation, synagogue, mosque, and gathering of people of faith to work toward a peaceable society where all children have the opportunity to grow and prosper, and where everyone can live without fear of being cut down by firearm violence.

We invite every faithful individual and faith-based group to join us as we work to prevent the tragic toll of gun violence.

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Host a God Not Guns Sabbath Event!

MLK Quote The last weekend of September every year is designated as God Not Guns Sabbath Weekend, where faith communities across the country take time out to remember gun violence victims and to reflect on the spiritual crisis of gun violence in our communities.

Please join us and plan your own God Not Guns Sabbath Weekend event:

Put your faith into action to prevent senseless gun violence and make your community safer by doing an event on the God Not Guns Sabbath Weekend.

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